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About Me

"The best among you are those who bring the greatest benefits to many others!"
Prophet Muhammed(PBUH).

Hi, I’m Muhammed Talha Hyder form Hyderabad, India. "MTH REVIT TUTORIALS" is a place where I share my knowledge, tutorials, tips, and tricks for Architectural modeling in Autodesk Revit and on this blog, I uploaded project/practice files.

When did all start?
Well, I did a "one" month course in Revit back in 2014 (yes, you can learn Revit only in a month in India :D) but I never practiced it.. In the Mid of 2016, I thought about practicing it and It was very difficult for me in the beginning because I learned Revit 2009 version and 2015 version was totally different, So I started learning from YouTube videos..

At the end of 2016, I came across a YouTube channel called "SAM-E-Studio". I asked that guy if I can convert his "Physical" models into 3D by using Revit... He gave me permission, and I uploaded my first Revit modeling video. I got a very good response on that video even though I did many mistakes.. (since I was a beginner in Revit) I started uploading videos monthly and my channel was growing very fast.. 

At the end of 2017, my channel stopped growing. and my monthly views went down from 80k+ to 25k. I thought about giving up and stop making videos.. But it was too late. I was attached to my "channel" :D and I didn't want to leave it.. Since then I'm working very hard to bring the best tutorials I can. Now I upload videos weekly.

Here is a playlist of my own Ideas: 100% My Own Ideas 

About my first YouTube channel.
I used to make mods for GTA SAN ANDREAS and used to spend hours on making MODs, I started a YouTube channel called "MTH GTA MODS/TUTORIALS" (It's still on YouTube with 2800+ subs). My MODs were getting a very good response (Currently my 82 Mods on GTAinside have over 1.2m+ downloads)

One day I realized that I wasn't getting anything for my hard work except for "likes". So I stopped doing it. And thought about spending my free time on other stuff which would bring benefit to me as well as others.

Here I'm with this website and YouTube Channel :) 

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Peace ♥

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