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Revit Interior Rendering #9

Here is Revit interior renderings #9 done by me :)
(I did an interior rendering in Revit after a log time..)

I took inspiration from a YouTube channel Oner Oncer he created the same rendering in 3ds max, Corona. I tried to do that in Revit and got this result. It's a pure Revit rendering. It was done by using Revit 2019 default renderer. I didn't use "Render in Cloud" or Photoshop for post production. I used Picasa only to crop the image.

Render settings: As usual, I did this rendering at medium @300 DPI  and it took around ten minutes to finish the rendering.

Settings: Medium

Printer: 300 DPI
Lightin: Interior, Sun and Artificial
Render time: 10 minutes. 

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(click image to enlarge)

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