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How to Create Basic Game-Environment in Revit

Environment creation for games

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to model old/ruined building for games in Revit. People often say that Revit Architecture is not a software to do such 3d modeling but I believe that Revit is the best software for modeling buildings/environments for games. You can save a lot of time by using Revit to create cool looking environments for games. 

For games you can't use the texturing method which is used in Revit Architecture, so you have to use other softwares such as 3ds max, Maya, Blender etc. 

Exporting Revit Models
Revit his a default feature for exporting the models in .fbx format, which is supported by most of the 3d modeling softwares. It will be easy for you to export Revit models to any other  3d modeling softwares.

I will soon share with you a test video of this model converted into a game. Stay tuned with my youtube channel: MTH REVIT TUTORIALS

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